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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get the full length FREE beat?
    As long as you pre-pay a 1 hour deposit (applicable toward recording time) then you can get any full version instrumental emailed. Debonaire beats themselves are free to use for non commercial or demo purposes. For those who wish to purchase any exclusive worldwide ownership in copyright and publishing this can be negotiated on a per beat basis. Contact Debonaire for infos.
  • How can I get a cheaper hourly rate?
    Debonaire offers discount deals for 10 hour blocks for $550 therefore reducing the hourly down to $55. 😳 Similar to a pre-paid phone card, once you buy the 10 hour credit you can use up your time however you choose and whenever you want. 💯
  • What about AutoTune, can you make me sound good?
    Of course, I've been using vocal pitch correction software way before Autotune became popular but AutoTune is quite primitive compared to a more sophisticated tool i also use called Melodyne. I do precision pitch enhancement and smoothening. Either way I got you. 💪🏽
  • What music geres do you work with?
    Any. I’ve never turned down a project even when I knew the mix would be lengthy or challenging. On the music scene for over two decades, I’ve produced and recorded everything from hip hop to film scores including infinite voiceover recordings for radio and TV commercials. Listening, blending, sweetening, it’s what I do.
  • Why is mastering so important?
    You never get a second chance at a first impression. Mastering is recommended and essential to having a recording sound comparable in volume and presence to professional recordings such as those heard on radio. Debonaire will get your product polished and ready for the world. 🌎
  • Can I smoke in your studio?
    Vaping inside is ok however loud pack must be blazed out in the parking lot. Fun Fact: smoke is quite damaging to expensive and sensitive electronics.
  • Can you introduce me to managers or record labels?
    Yes, once I get familiar with your music I can share my industry connects and resources. More importantly, I can help you go viral on social media so you can build and attract interest from more than just labels.
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